With the ever increasing demands of using collaborative 3D design processes through BIM (Building Information Model) workflows we offer a complete co-ordination service using Autodesk Design Suite software. All of our MEP co-ordination models utilise Autodesk Revit as the primary BIM platform. We are conversant with numerous software solution tools and can link a wide range of author models, but we have adopted Revit MEP for our BIM models as its functionality and interoperability for BIM workflows offers the best authorising software for co-ordination.

Through using a combination of additional software solutions/tools including COBie extension for Revit, Dynamo BIM graphical programming and our custom created parameter property sets we are able to overcome any technical interoperability issues & export our Revit model data to Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file format with all asset information & project specific data inherent in the file for IFC COBie schema extraction.

COBie (Construction Operations Building information exchange) is a non-propriety information standard, forming part of the government’s BIM level 2 strategy and is the backbone for data capture to support operations, maintenance, and asset management. The neutral data standard uses spreadsheets to capture, record, and share important project data required by facilities managers (BS 1192-4:2014 defines the UK usage of COBie for exchanging facility information). Our MEP models are created to map embedded data that is aligned with COBie worksheets so that we can ensure BIM deliverables are achieved.

Using the latest BIM technologies, we are able to custom program our MEP models to suit a specific set of data parameter fields for each project - creating automated links between multiple applications and geometry through computational design.